One day, my good friend, Drew Miller, brought a hockey player on board for some amazing laid up tarpon action. The next day I had the pleasure of fishing with both Rick Simmonson (the hockey player) and his wife Kimberly. We found alot of fish and Kimberly caught the biggest tarpon that any woman has ever caught with me. I will never forget it…just a beautiful situation.

A big, black backed tarpon laying over white bottom and Kimberly made a perfect cast despite a right hand wind. The fish saw the fly, crushed it and we got a great picture of us with the fish standing in shallow water. Sadly, that picture has been lost, so if Kimberly or Rick read this, pass it back over…I would love to have a copy.

So what does this have to do with fly tying?

Well, today’s fly is the SIMRAM. Who invented it? Rick Simmonson.

He sold his design to Orvis and it rocketed to the top of their sales and became a world famous fly. Will never forget the first time rick showed it to me. He wanted to throw it at tarpon. We didnt.

So check out Peter tying this awesome fly…for Bonefish.

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  1. Peter Smith says:

    The way we do this is a bit different from Rick’s original pattern. The original had cross-cut bunny fur for the body and wing. We like to tie in the bunches, it lets us get more fur on the fly. It also forces us to mount the eye more towards the center of the shank rather tan right back near the hook bend. And we like to add the peccary antenna – just for fun


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